Our Story

We met both on our first day on ICU as scared baby nurses not sure what on earth we were doing! We began our friendship and support for each other through a daunting few months on the ICU and throughout the ICU course. From there a mutual crush developed and grew as we discovered our shared admiration for David Attenborough, Incubus and love for adventure.

In December 2016 we moved to New Zealand and continued exploring the world together. On Charlie's birthday 2018, Chrissie had planned to ask Charlie to marry her... But couldn't quite wait until his actual birthday and got over excited on the Saturday night and popped the question! He said yes!

Now we invite you to celebrate with us!


19th June 2021

Ceremony and Reception


Ford Park
3 Poplar Grove
LA12 7JU


Paul's Taxis

+44 1229 586669

A2B Taxis

+44 1229 587030

I C Taxis

+44 1229 582765


Premier Inn

(0.4 miles)

N Lonsdale Terrace
LA12 9AU
+44 871 097 1081

Lonsdale House Hotel

(0.4 miles)

11 Daltongate
LA12 7BD
+44 1229 588278

The Sun Inn

(0.5 miles)

6-14 Market St
LA12 7AY
+44 1229 585044

The Farmers Ulverston

(0.4 miles)

2 Market St
LA12 7BA
+44 1229 584469

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